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Veterinary Clinic Witold Janeczek

Welcome on our Clinic’s website. The Clinic was found in 1951. In our current location – in Strachocin (Wroclaw) in Poland we work since 1990.


Over 60-year experience in treating animals and a team of great specialists (including academic teachers from Wroclaw University of Environtmental and Life Sciences) make our Clinic one of the best places of that type in the city.


The field of our services

Our clinic specialises in veterinary dentistry, including veterinary orthodontics, internal medicine and veterinary surgery.


We also perform specialist test and examinations, e.g. X-ray and ultrasound, ECG and heart ultrasound (Echocardiographic examination) and examination neccessary for the pet passport. In our clinic we also chip animals (dogs, cats, ferrets).


Feel welcome with your pets: dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.


We speak English and German


We work from Monday to Friday: 10.00-14.00 and 15.30-19.00.

Our clinic, as one of the few in Poland, specializes also in veterinary dentistry, periodontology and orthodontics.

Our veterinary clinic has its own surgical room and devices for performingX-ray and ultrasound examination. Doctors working in our clinic are experienced specialists. Thanks to that the surgeries are taken on the highest level.


Our clinic team consists of veterinarians who specialize in, among others, in the fields of dentistry, veterinary orthodontics and surgery.

dr hab. associate professor Witold Janeczek DVM
dr hab.
associate professor
Witold Janeczek
dr hab. Maciej Janeczek DVM
prof. dr hab. Maciej Janeczek DVM
Aleksandra Najsarek DVM
Aleksandra Najsarek DVM
Patrycja Pistor DVM
Patrycja Pistor DVM