Our clinic exists for over 60 years. From the very beginning we perform a complex treatment of companion animals – from the diagnostic examinations and tests to the complex therapy. We perfomr a professional prevention, treat internal diseases , conduct X-ray and ultrasound examination, and do the surgical treatment of our patients. As one of the few in Poland we specialize in veterinary dentistry and orthodontics. If you have problem with your pet’s malocclusion or with a fractured tooth in a dog or cat we surely will help!

Love. Care. Vaccinate.

We know how important is the prevention of infectious diseases. That’s why we take part in action „Love. Care. Vaccinate.” In our clinic you can get information about a specific prevention in dogs, cats and rabbits. In each case the vaccination range and plan is adjusted individually, with regard to animal’s lifestyle and possible threats.

Animal passports and chip placement

We perform also examination necessary for animals’ passports and we implant chips (microtransponders).

Look at the full list of our services!

      • Internal diseases
      • Surgery
        • Soft tissue surgery
        • Orthopedics
        • Anaesthesia and patient’s safety
      • Canine and feline prevention
      • Canine and feline cardiology
      • Ginecology and andrology
      • Veterinary dentistry and orthodontics
      • Veterinary ophtalmology
      • Veterinary dietetics
      • Passports and chips (microtransponders) – dogs, cats, ferrets
      • X-ray and ultrasound examination