Veterinary cardiologist Wroclaw Poland

In our clinic we perform the complete cardiological examination including:

  • cardiological medical history,
  • clinical examination with heart auscultation and pulse examination
  • thoracic X-ray with the evaluation of heart shape using VHS method
  • ECG examination
  • echocardiographic examination (heart ultrasound)

Basing on the results we make the diagnosis and treatment plan


  • your dog or cat feels tired, is less active than earlier, more time spends on sleeping,
  • your dog coughs or sleeps anxiously,
  • your pet fainted or lost consciousness,
  • you are afraid about your pet’s anasthesia,
  • during the examination your veterinarian noticed an arrhythmia or cardiac murmur,

feel welcome to come and do the cardiological examination. We will dispel your fears or will find the problem and start an appropriate treatment.

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