The veterinary dentistry and orthodontics

The veterinary dentistry and orthodontics Wroclaw Poland

Our clinic, as one of the few in Poland, specializes also in veterinary dentistry, periodontology and orthodontics. We perform the whole range of dentistry services, what allows us to cope with such a problems as malocclusion or fractured tooth in dog or cat.

Veterinarians working in our clinic, specializing in veterinary dentistry have long-lasting experience in treating those conditions. In particular situations we can mount an orthodontic device in a dog, perform root canal therapy, etc.

Look at a detailed offer of our dentistry services provided below.


The dental machine

Since September 2014 we use a professional dental machine. That modern device is equipped among others with high speed handpiece, low speed handpiece, and cooling and lightening system. It allows faster, more accurate (shorter duration of anaesthesia), and less traumatic (even less risk of post-operative pain) procedures in oral cavity of our patients.

The preventive dentistry

  • root canal therapy
  • crown restoration
  • caries treatment
  • dental procedures in rodents and rabbits

The invasive dentistry

  • extractions of one and multiple root teeth,
  • treatment of oronasal fistulas with the use of slice thechnique,
  • shortening of tooth crown,
  • exposition of stuck teeth.


Periodontology is part of veterinary dentistry focused on prevention and treatment of periodontium and oral mucosa.

Among others we perform:

  • ultrasound removal of teeth tartar with polishing the crowns
  • treatment of gingivitis and periodontonitis
  • stabilization of teeth crown with the use of fiberglass
  • treatment of Feline Lymphoplasmacytic Gingivitis Stomatitis Complex
  • treatment of Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FORL)


  • teeth implants in dogs


  • correciton of malocclusion
  • mounting the orthodontic devices
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