The anaesthesia and patient safetay

The anaesthesia and patient safetay


For the highest patient safety in every case of surgery taken in our clinic two surgeons have always the assistance of an anaesthetist.


The intubation (placing the intratracheal tube) is not always simple, but is always necessary in anaesthetised patients to guarantee the maximum of their safety. That is why in our clinic we use also the v-gel® laryngeal masks. They allow us to intubate those cats in which using the traditional endotracheal tube is extremely difficult.
Thanks to that all of our patients undergoing anaesthesia may feel safe.


We use both infiusion and inhalation anaesthesia. The anaesthesia model used depends on each procedure type and individual patient’s needs.


During each surgical procedure we monitor:

  • saturation (the amount of oxygen in the blood)
  • pulse
  • frequency and quality of breath
  • heart rate (ECG)
  • blood pressure

After the surgery we manage the pain using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or opioid analgesics.

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